Standing at my kitchen island with a bunch of crap propping up my laptop for three weeks has gotten old. Ended up being cheaper than I expected at Ikea so here’s my parts list. Sure beats dropping $700 on a GeekDesk.

The desk iteself:
Vika Kaj adjustable legs ($15/ea)
1x Linnmon desk top ($10-35)

And if you want to grab a monitor stand while you’re there instead of using some crap you have lying around:
1x Capita shelf legs ($10-$15)
1x Whatever floats your boat ($5+)

Will update with pictures after I put my stuff together. 

So far, I’m believing the hype. Much less lumbar pain, legs getting toned, no more 2pm & 4pm snoozies, plus sitting is not healthy.

Another awesome mural on our building at work. (at Digital Surgeons)

5 days away from #wheatgrass shots (hopefully)

What have I gotten myself into? (at Pho Boston)

Dorky lunch bento #3: there’s a salad under there somewhere.

Bento #2: smoked ham, collard greens, sweet pertaters, a few black eyes peas (cheat!) and a small chopped salad.

Primal-ish “bento” attempt #1: salad w/ ham and sunflower seeds

Makes an excellent xmas preset btw.

Blah blah blah

MURRICA! (at The Russo Compound)